Robert Fishman Pottery
Wine Jackets
Description: Multi Functional Wine Jackets are designed to keep a 750 ml bottle of wine chilled throughout dinner. Begin by placing an empty Wine Jacket in the freezer for at least one hour. The inherent nature of stoneware will absorb and retain the cold temperature of the freezer. Within that hour the Wine Jacket will become as cold as an ice cube! At the dinner table place your chilled bottle of wine from the fridge into the Wine Jacket. Your chilled wine will then remain cold throughout the meal! We call our Wine Jackets multi functional because of their versatility. In between chilling bottles of wine you may use your Wine Jacket as a flower vase or to store your kitchen utensils!
Surface: Select from Abstract or Distinct Throwing lines depending upon glaze selection.
Glaze: Available in Tortoise Shell, Sandbar, Kingston Blue and Vanilla Bean glazes.
Price: $43.00
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